Exact fit for clothes using computer vision

Size matters

Every third online purchase of apparel ends in return - in most cases due to incorrect sizing. The wrong size costs online retailers shipping and risks dissatisfied customers. Consumers are frustrated and waste time.

EasyDress solves the sizing problem for online apparel - making shopping easier for the customer and shipping risk free for online retailers. With a perfect fit the first time customers are happy and retailers save on costs.


EasyDress is advanced technology that can accurately determine a person’s clothing size from photos - without the need for a fitting room.

EasyDress calculates body sizes from portrait and full length photos using sensor technology that recognizes human features in any context based on a single universal metric - the 12 mm human iris.

Mark Ayzenshtadt - CTO

Machine Learning Engineer and Data Science professional. MSc in Mathematics from Moscow State University, MBA from Higher School of Economics, Moscow.

George Babayan - CEO

Serial entrepreneur, MS in Computer Science from Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics, and Informatics.

Alex Titov - Head of Research

12 years of experience modeling and designing microprocessors for Intel. MSc in Mathematics from Moscow State University.

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